4 available running backs who could help the Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are ailing in the backfield right now but they could easily find some help in free agency.
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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Melvin Gordon, Baltimore Ravens

While we're shopping in Baltimore, it makes sense to at least mention another running back because if the Chiefs wanted to stay with a familiar face who is a known quantity then Gordon might be a better add than Williams because at least he's been with the team more recently.

Gordon is a familiar name to all as a longtime member of the AFC West, going from his earliest years in the NFL with the Los Angeles Chargers and then moving on to play with the Denver Broncos for another few seasons.

Gordon is currently on the practice squad of the Ravens but he's been active for a couple of games and he's likely going to continue to help in the sort of key moments (read: injuries) that the Chiefs now face, so it makes sense to see if he's available here. The Chiefs had Gordon on their own practice squad for the final third or so of the regular season in '22 although he never played an official snap for K.C.

With just over 9,000 yards from scrimmage in his NFL career and two Pro Bowl appearances to his name, Gordon is an accomplished running back whose experience could prove valuable for a team that's thinner than they'd like to be in the backfield. His best days might be behind him but the Chiefs aren't hunting for a new lead back.