4 available running backs who could help the Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are ailing in the backfield right now but they could easily find some help in free agency.

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Owen Wright, Baltimore Ravens

If there's a team to trust to know how to scout running backs, it would be the Baltimore Ravens, whose rushing attack has been central to the team's offensive philosophy for quite some time. And there's an interesting and powerful prospect sitting on the team's practice squad who might make for a good signing for a Chiefs team in need of some help.

Owen Wright packs a punch in a 5'9" frame weighing around 220 pounds. He signed with the Ravens out of Monmouth shortly after the NFL Draft and lasted all the way through the preseason before being a last-minute cut and landing once again on the team's practice squad.

What makes Wright so interesting is how well he could cover for a primary weakness for the Chiefs in short-yardage situations. The Chiefs are without a fullback on the depth chart officially, but Wright could certainly embody that sort of role with his size and strength. He did the same at Monmouth with 16 rushing touchdowns in '22 and 17 overall.

Wright is also intriguing as a pass catcher and pass protector with solid special teams experience as a gunner. In fact, as a fringe roster player, Wright can do a number of things well to add value to his presence on the roster that other players might not. It's the reason why Wright just made his debut for the Ravens on the active roster in a short stint before being sent back down.

It might be a smart play for someone like the Chiefs to grab him while he's available to see how he might plug in and fill some holes on the current roster.