3 worst contracts on the Kansas City Chiefs 2023 roster

Brett Veach doesn't have many glaring contract mistakes right now, but there are a few problematic contracts nonetheless.

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Left guard Joe Thuney

I feel a little dirty writing this, but the cap implications are impossible to ignore. 

Left guard Joe Thuney was a surprising signing by Brett Veach ahead of the 2021 season. The former New England Patriot came to Kansas City on a five-year, $80 million contract following the blocking nightmare in the Super Bowl against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That was the offseason Veach rebuilt the Chiefs' offensive line from the ground up, trading, drafting, and signing his way to a top-10 unit the following season. Thuney has been a foundational piece of that process, providing stability on the left side and a veteran presence alongside center Creed Humphrey. That double threat comes at a hefty price.

Thuney's contract is one of the highest among offensive guards in the league. He carries a $22.1 million cap hit for this season and a $22.6 million cap hit in 2024 and 2023. That cap hit is the highest among all NFL guards, at $3 million more than the guard behind him. It is worth it. Thuney is the top pass-blocking guard in the NFL, according to PFF. His 78.4 overall grade is the fifth highest in the league, with his run-blocking grade hindering his overall position. Few players are perfect, but it seems that Thuney is the perfect fit for the Chiefs offense.

Spotrac notes that the Chiefs have a potential exit following the 2023 season. At 30 years old, Thuney is on the back half of his playing days, so Veach getting out of the contract is not out of the question. All the guaranteed money on Thuney's deal, to the tune of $31.89 million, has already been paid out to Thuney. Designating Thuney as a post-June 1st release ahead of the 2024 season will incur a dead cap hit of  $13,232,500 across the 2024 and 2025 seasons. But, it would save the Chiefs $16 million in 2024 and 2025. Therefore, it would not be financially detrimental for the Chiefs to release him after this season.

I don't want to see Thuney go, especially with his elite play. But, his contract is big enough that it is worth keeping in mind.