3 truths and 2 lies from Chiefs win over Jaguars

Let's look at some truths and lies from the team's most recent Week 2 victory over the Jaguars.
Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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Lie: Kadarius Toney is useless

One week ago at this time, you could have divided Chiefs Kingdom into two parts, each with a sizable following: A.) those who were through with Kadarius Toney and B.) Those who were still holding out hope.

In Week 1, the Chiefs watched Toney drop three critical passes—each coming at a critical moment of the game. One of them even caromed off of Toney's hands and into the waiting arms of Brian Branch, a rookie safety for Detroit, who ran it in for a pick-six. Another stalled a drive destined for a field goal, if only he caught it. Either way, Toney cost the Chiefs multiple points in a game decided by a single digit.

Following the loss, fans were livid with the results, and Toney himself took the blame for his part earlier this week in an honest session with team reporters. Still that wasn't enough for some Chiefs fans who remained upset with general manager Brett Veach for failing to secure better options at wide receiver and/or for leaning on Toney knowing he was so unproven.

The Chiefs traded for Toney last year and those frustrations even go back to that knowing that Toney was coming in as damaged goods. He was immediately injured when with the Chiefs and came into this season injured as well after sitting out the entirely of the preseason. Knowing the Giants had given up on him after a single year, some Chiefs fans wanted to turn the page just as quickly.

But the Chiefs stood by their receiver during a trying week, with Andy Reid providing a full-throated showing of support, and the results spoke for themselves in Week 2. Toney was targeted five times on Sunday against the Jags and caught all five of his passes. He also displayed the jaw-dropping athleticism that made him a top 20 draft pick in the first place.

When healthy and reliable, Toney is as electric as anyone else on the Chiefs' arsenal—the sort of open-field dynamo who gives the Chiefs their best weapon on this side of the Tyreek Hill trade. The injury history isn't pretty and Week 1 was ugly—he said so himself—but the Chiefs were right to be patient with him. The payoff here could yield significant dividends with the sorts of mismatches he creates on the field.