3 trades Brett Veach should have made and 2 we are glad he didn't

Kansas City Chiefs fans may be mad that general manager Brett Veach didn't make a splashy move at the deadline. Here is what he should and shouldn't have done.
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The Chiefs dodged a bullet with Leonard Williams.

The trade:
Seattle Seahawks receive DL Leonard Williams
New York Giants receive 2024 second-round pick and 2025 fifth-round pick

Street was not the only interior defensive lineman to move ahead of Tuesday's deadline. The New York Giants moved on from former Pro Bowler Leonard Williams, shipping him to the Seattle Seahawks. It was an understandable move, especially after the Giants dropped to 2-6 and last place in the NFC East. He was in the final year of a three-year, $63 million deal, and New York paid most of the remaining money owed to Williams.

Williams further proved that the contract year is undefeated, as he logged 11.5 sacks for the Giants ahead of signing that big deal. In 37 games since then, he has had 73 combined tackles and only 10.5 sacks. Williams is not a bad three-tech by any stretch, but he is not living up to that contract.

The Seahawks seemed more than eager to acquire Williams, and they gave up some serious draft capital. The Giants paying more than $10 million owed to Williams likely increased the return, but this still feels like New York won the trade.

While the Chief's depth is an issue, the top of the line is not. Williams will start for Seattle right away, and Kansas City does not need that. Besides, Williams fills a similar role as Jones regarding where they play on the line, making acquiring Williams a redundancy.