3-round Chiefs mock draft brings significant help at skill positions

For this exercise, we will be simulating the Chiefs' first three draft picks using PFF's mock draft simulator.
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Overall Takeaways

The Chiefs need to look at their weapons and recognize they are a potential Travis Kelce injury away from being abysmal on offense. Investing a day one and two pick into the receiving corps continues their trend of cost control receivers. However, both of them have produced at the top levels of college football unlike some of their recent investments. Wingo is another piece of the puzzle along the defensive line. He won't be Chris Jones but he can replicate some of what he does.

The Chiefs are never going to have the "perfect" roster as long as they have one of the most expensive players in the NFL. There are going to be holes on the roster, some of which will not be replaced. The Chiefs are going to have need at key positions this offseason and general manager Brett Veach is going to have to press all the right buttons to make it come together again in Kansas City. The 2023 draft has a lot more upside than we've seen. Maybe Wanya Morris is the future left tackle? Can Felix Anudike-sUzomah be an impact pass rusher? Is Nic Jones the next plug-and-play day-three corner for the Chiefs secondary? The Chiefs are certainly hoping so.