3 proper overreactions to the Chiefs' troubling performance vs Jets

This week's win feels like anything but.
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Overreaction #2: The Chiefs have a Jawaan Taylor problem.

Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Jawaan Taylor and penalty flags. Few things in this work go hand-in-hand better than those combinations.

Chiefs fans can debate his facemask call against the New York Jets until they are blue in the face. In my opinion, that was a bang-bang call that I would want a ref to call in the Chiefs favor. But that debate is for the comment section.

Taylor's problems extend beyond the penalties, though. He was downright bad at points against the New York pass rush. He allowed four pressures on Mahomes in 36 pass snaps. That doubled his season total in one game. I understand the debate about Mahomes putting himself in the face of pressure, but plays like the one below exhibit Taylor's struggles on Sunday.

Few offensive linemen can go a week without having a rough game every now and then. Taylor is no different. But the issue is that these rough games, with several quick losses in pass-block situations, are every game. He has the tools and is a good blocker more often than not. But, like most sports, failure shines brighter than success on the offensive line.

The penalties have been a concern since Week 2. Now, with Taylor's issues resulting in points for the opposition, I find it hard to continue defending him. He may be unfairly scrutinized, but he has known that since Jacksonville. Two games later, it is still a problem.