3 offseason moves from AFC West rivals that Chiefs fans can laugh at

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Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Chargers trading Keenan Allen and cutting Mike Williams

Here is the list of Chargers starting wide receivers, as of this writing:

  • Derius Davis
  • Quentin Johnson
  • Joshua Palmer

You're probably wondering where all of the fire power went, huh? Well, the Chargers were so deep in cap hell that they were forced to part ways with some of their key players. Nick Bosa and Khalil Mack agreed to restructure their contracts to they remain with the Bolts. Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, however, weren't spared.

Allen was traded to the Bears for only a fourth-round pick while Williams was cut and signed with the Jets. This now leaves Justin Herbert with nobodies as his wide receivers. We know Patrick Mahomes can win games without a star wide receiver but can Herbert?

Of course, the Chargers have the fifth overall pick in the draft so they're likely going to land one of the best receivers in the 2024 NFL Draft. They might even get the best receiver in Marvin Harrison Jr. if the Cardinals trade the fourth overall pick so that a team can make sure they get a quarterback.

This won't be nearly as funny if the Chargers end up with Harrison but right now, Los Angeles' wide receiver room is hilarious.