3 Kansas State prospects who could stay local with the Chiefs in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs have some NFL draft prospects in their backyard. Which former Kansas City Wildcats should they look at selecting?
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Ben Sinnott, TE

Like Beebe, tight end Ben Sinnott plays a position that Kansas City has plenty of talent at in 2024. Travis Kelce is still an elite player on the field and has an even better off-field personality. Noah Gray had a career year in 2023, settling into the TE2 role behind Kelce. But after that, things get murky. Plus, Kelce isn't getting any younger, and Gray is an uninspiring long-term option. Kansas City needs to look for high-ceiling, tight end options on cheap contracts. Sinnott perfectly meets that requirement.

Now, unlike Beebe, Sinnott is far from a perfect draft prospect. He doesn't appear on the Arrowhead Addict draft board and seems like a consensus Day 3 pick. The Athletic's Nate Taylor hammered this home, mocking Sinnott to the Chiefs on March 25. Any Day 3 pick is a gamble, but Sinnott has promising tools that translate well to the next level.

Sinnott has a great burst off the line as a receiver, as well as the ability to find soft spots in zone coverage. Using those tools, he gobbled up Big 12 defenders in 2023, grabbing 49 passes for 676 yards and six touchdowns. He has above-average hands for a tight end and shows good ability in contested catch situations.

Now, Sinnott is far from a safe pick so late in the draft. He does not impress in either run or pass blocking, despite plenty of opportunities in Kansas State's run-happy offense. He does have the strength and athletic profile overall to be at least average, but Sinnott is a former fullback. Blocking on the line probably isn't a natural thing for him, and a team will need to develop that area.

I like Sinnott fitting in Kansas City because of his similarity to Noah Gray and then how the Chiefs developed Noah Gray's blocking skill. Gray's pass and run blocking have improved immensely since Kansas City drafted him, with 2023 undoubtedly being his best year in that facet. Sinnott's biggest red flag is his blocking, so any team that drafts him will either accept him as he is or leverage his athletic profile to polish Sinnott, at least to an average level. Kansas City has done that, and they could do it again with Sinnott.