3 Kansas City Chiefs who can help their roster case this week

Every passing day is another day closer to the dreaded 53-man roster cuts.

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Kahlef Hailassie

As an undrafted rookie, Hailassie faces an uphill battle to secure a spot on the roster, but his performance in the first preseason game showed promise. With another chance to shine against the Cardinals, Hailassie will need to continue showcasing his skills and making impactful plays in order to stay on the roster bubble, if not secure his spot on the 53-man roster.

Hailassie was a big winner in the preseason opener against the New Orleans Saints. He did not allow a completion in coverage, recorded four combined tackles, and even had an interception that showcased his ball-hawking abilities. 

His strong performance caught the attention of coaches and fans alike, but he will need to consistently perform at a high level in order to solidify his place on the team. The upcoming game against the Cardinals will be another crucial opportunity for Hailassie to prove himself and make a strong case for a spot on the roster. 

His first week performance was strong, but not strong enough to leapfrog him over other established players. However, cornerback Nic Jones fractured multiple fingers in the game's closing moments. The injury has kept him out of practice and may not see him start the season on the 53-man roster. If that is the case, Hailassie is primed to take his spot. He has the physical tools to succeed in Defense Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo's system. Now, after a strong debut and a good training camp, Hailassie can separate himself from the competition against the Cardinals.