3 former Kansas City Chiefs we'd like to see return in 2024

It's just hard to get over some past relationships.

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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There's no denying we love the Kansas City Chiefs. From the obvious stars to depth chart heroes, it's been a magical run within a golden era, and three rings in five years will guarantee a lot of free drinks for those players, coaches, and staff members involved for years to come.

That, however, doesn't mean that we don't miss a few players around here. Specifically, we still can't help but wonder how meaningful it would have been for Tyreek Hill to have finished his career in Kansas City. There's a sizeable group of fans who also loved having the leadership of Tyrann Mathieu around—and miss it still.

Of course, missing a player and wanting him back are two different things. To make our list of players we'd love to welcome back, we had to realize that Tyreek is not returning and that some players aren't even a need at this stage. But if it could work out, we'd love to see these guys return to K.C. as the Chiefs head toward a three-peat attempt.

Chad Henne

It's nothing personal, Blaine. We promise.

But if we're talking about players we miss in the midst of a three-peat run, we cannot deny that the quarterback position still feels a bit suspect behind Mahomes, and while no one can live up to the shadow there, it was easy to like what Chad Henne provided as a mentor, a presence, and short-term relief off of the bench.

To his credit, Gabbert didn't exactly get a chance to shine at times like Henne has and it's possible that the Missouri product would live up to the moment—a chance to rise up in front of friends and family from the region to carve out his own legacy with the team. With Henne, however, we already know what we have and he's provided that when it counts with the 99-yard drive in which Henne made fans of us all.

Maybe we just need more time with Gabbert to feel more at home with him. We also know that Henne is retired and is likely happy enjoying his health and free time. But if we're thinking of guys we'd love to see back in 2024, it's hard not to start at QB and wish Henne was still around.