3 first-round prospects the Kansas City Chiefs must avoid in 2024 NFL Draft

Avoid these guys like the plague!

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WR Xavier Worthy

Nearly every NFL fanbase hopes their respective team possibly drafts Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy. However, a closer look at Worthy's performance and skill set might reveal why this isn't the best move for the Chiefs, especially considering the recent acquisition of wide receiver Hollywood Brown.

Worthy, undoubtedly, has a lot going for him. His speed is extraordinary, and it adds a dangerous element to his game. He's a superb field-stretcher who can get separation on vertical and cross-field routes. But this is a trait that the Chiefs already possess in Brown, who was known for his speed and deep-threat abilities during his time with the Arizona Cardinals. Duplication of this skill set might not be the best utilization of a draft pick.

Worthy's frame is a significant concern as well. Weighing in at just 163 pounds, he lacks the functional strength to battle through NFL-level press coverage. This lack of strength also impacts his ability to make contested catches, a critical skill in the NFL where defenses are faster and more physical.

Additionally, Worthy's release quickness and efficiency off the ball need improvement. In an offense like the Chiefs', where timing and precision are crucial, these weaknesses could be detrimental. Add to that his tendency to adjust his speed inconsistent with the ball's placement, and the concerns begin to pile up.