3 first-round prospects the Kansas City Chiefs must avoid in 2024 NFL Draft

Avoid these guys like the plague!

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DE Chris Braswell

The Chiefs must weigh the potential and pitfalls of prospective players. One name that might raise some eyebrows is Alabama defensive end Chris Braswell. Though his raw talent is undeniable, the Chiefs should exercise caution before hitching their wagon to his star.

Braswell's scouting reports highlight some key concerns. Notably, his limited playing time at Alabama may not have provided enough experience for the leap to the NFL. He's played just over 1,200 snaps in his college career. Braswell is a linear pass rusher with an upright attack, trying to go through the blocker. He needs to add some counters to his pass-rushing arsenal.

Furthermore, Braswell's play recognition has been called into question. In the NFL, a split-second decision can be the difference between a sack and a touchdown. If Braswell is chasing ghosts, as some scouts suggest, this weakness can be exploited by savvy NFL offenses.

The Chiefs should also consider whether they're ready to invest the time and resources needed to sculpt Braswell's raw talent. Yes, he has an impressive first step and a motor that doesn't quit. But can Kansas City afford to bet on potential alone? A draft pick is a precious commodity - it's not just about selecting a player; it's about securing a return on investment.