3 draft mistakes that (sorta) continue to haunt the Chiefs

Look, no one is complaining too much for a team that's won as much as the Chiefs.

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Skyy Moore (2022)

The scenario: In what might end up being the single most celebrated NFL Draft class in Chiefs history, there's one second-round pick that still drives fans crazy. That's because, in a draft in which the Chiefs decided to reinvent their defense (wisely), the Chiefs also needed a significant investment at wide receiver and came away with Skyy Moore—a prospect out of Western Michigan who has shown little development at the position or trust with his quarterback.

The issue: The Chiefs have decided in more than one wideout-heavy draft class to allow the top targets to slide on by while capitalizing on thinner positions in order to return to the well a round or two later to pick up an option. That works some years, like when Rashee Rice is there for Veach's taking in the second round in 2023, but Veach was far too patient here.

The main problem is that Chiefs Kingdom became enamored with George Pickens coming into the draft and Veach was on the clock at No. 50 overall with Pickens available to him. Instead of hearing Pickens' name called, the Chiefs agreed to a minor trade to drop four spots and in that span, the Pittsburgh Steelers grabbed Pickens at No. 52.

Say what you want about Pickens' personality, but he's got nearly 5x the production of Skyy Moore to date in the NFL. Heck, even Alec Pierce, who was also taken in that same four-pick stretch, has more than twice as many yards as Moore for the Colts.