3 Chiefs who were deserving of Super Bowl MVP other than Patrick Mahomes

If Mahomes hadn't won the award, who else could have?

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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When the red and yellow confetti fell in Allegiant Stadium following the Kansas City Chiefs' third Super Bowl win in five years, there were some questions about who would win Super Bowl MVP. Unsurprisingly, Patrick Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP due to the game-winning drive in overtime that resulted in a walk-off touchdown to Mecole Hardman.

For a large majority of the game, however, Mahomes hadn't looked like his normal self. In fact, many would have been fine with him not winning the award had the team won the game but after he led the team down the field and won the game in walk-off fashion, the award was as good as his.

Had Mahomes not been crowned Super Bowl MVP, which players had a shot at winning the award?

Trent McDuffie

The entire Chiefs defense balled out during the Super Bowl but it was hard not to notice how Trent McDuffie flew around the field, knocking balls away and disrupting the quarterback. One of McDuffie's biggest moments of the game was when the 49ers had the ball on the Chiefs' 35-yard line facing a 3rd-and-5.

Brock Purdy dropped back to pass but was immediately disrupted by McDuffie who got in his face and forced the incompletion. He also had a key pass break-up against Deebo Samuel earlier in the game that would have given San Francisco a 7-0 lead rather than a 3-0 lead. Talk about clutch.

Jets star cornerback Sauce Gardner said that he thinks McDuffie should have won Super Bowl MVP.

Kurt Warner agrees that McDuffie should have taken home the honors.

Had Mahomes not been crowned Super Bowl MVP and McDuffie was instead, you probably wouldn't have found many people complaining.