2024 NFL Draft: The top 20 running back prospects for the Chiefs

The 2024 NFL Draft is about a month away and the Kansas City Chiefs could still use a running back. Here are the top 20 prospects they should consider.

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Priority Free Agent Running Back Prospects

17. Cody Schrader - Missouri - 5-8, 202 pounds

Missouri fans will probably yell at me for having Schrader as an undrafted free agent, but at the end of the day, I don't see the size to make it work between the tackles or the speed to excel as a dangerous weapon in the passing game. I'd be willing to give him a shot in camp to see if he could earn a spot as a special teamer and improve his pass protection enough to possibly earn a role as a 3rd down back.

18. Frank Gore Jr. - Southern Miss - 5-8, 201 pounds

Frank Gore Jr. has some fans out there, but I'm not convinced he'd have the same buzz if he didn't share the name and bloodline of a famous NFL running back. Stop me if you've heard this one before, Gore lacks the size to be an every-down runner between the tackles at the NFL level and while he's flashed a little in the passing game I don't know that he has the speed you would want there either. His tape does show some of his dad's toughness and good feet, so I can't completely count him out.

19. Blake Watson - Memphis - 5-foot-9 and 195 pounds

Blake Watson is another undersized back. The former wide receiver put his pass-catching skills to good use totalling 90 receptions as a running back over his final two seasons. He also has decent vision and quick feet. He'll never be a full-time player at his size, but he's got special teams upside and Andy Reid would have fun using him as a gadget player out of the backfield.

20. Dylan Laube - New Hampshire - 5-foot-10 and 206 pounds

Dylan Laube has become a popular sleeper in some draft circles as a small-school prospect who isn't on a lot of people's radar. While Laube does flash on tape, I wanted to see him dominate against inferior competition more than he did in order for me to want to see the Chiefs use a late-round pick on him. He looks like a special teams guy to me with the potential to earn a role as a backup running back or possibly a third-down back if he can prove he can be trusted in pass protection.

So there you have it. Those are my top 20 running back prospects for the 2024 NFL draft and which backs I think make the most sense for the Kansas City Chiefs. I'd love to know what you think. Which backs do you like from this list? Who do you think should be higher and who do you think should be lower?

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