2024 NFL Draft: The top 20 running back prospects for the Chiefs

The 2024 NFL Draft is about a month away and the Kansas City Chiefs could still use a running back. Here are the top 20 prospects they should consider.

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Day Two Running Back Prospects

1. Jonathon Brooks - Texas - 6-0, 216 pounds

Brooks looked like the clear-cut top running back in this class before he tore his ACL in November. He claims to be on track to be fully healthy for his rookie season, but his medical checks will go a long way toward determining if he is the first back off the board. When healthy, Brooks does everything well. He has good size, good speed, good feet, good balance, good hands out of the backfield, and is pretty solid in pass protection as well. I don't know that he is elite in any one area, but he is one of only a couple of backs in this class to be an NFL-caliber, three-down starting running back.

2. Jaylen Wright - Tennessee - 5-10, 210 pounds

Jaylen Wright is a contrast to Jonathan Brooks in that he may not be the complete back that Brooks is, but Wright has a special elite trait, his speed. Wright is the most explosive big-play back in this draft class. Yes, he ran a 4.38 second time in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, but that explosiveness really comes through on his tape.

If you're not familiar with Wright, put on one of his highlight videos and you'll see him regularly running away from SEC defenders like Jamaal Charles used to run away from NFL defenders. I'm not saying he's going to be Charles, but his big-play ability would be deadly in Andy Reid's offense.

While he isn't the complete back that Brooks is, he does pass protect way better than I was expecting so while his pass-catching needs some development, he does have third down back upside. I know a lot of Chiefs fans would HATE taking a running back at the end of the second round, but he would be such an explosive weapon for the offense that I would be all for it.

3. Trey Benson - Florida State - 6-0, 216 pounds

Depending on what day you ask me Trey Benson or Jaylen Wright could be my second-favorite running back in this class. They're that close to me. Benson also has great big play speed. His 4.39 second time in the 40-yard dash was just .01 seconds behind Wright's and Benson actually had a faster 10-yard split. That fits the tape too. I think Benson hits the hole a little faster than Wright does, but Wright has the better long speed. They're both dangerous home run hitters.

I think Benson has a little better contact balance through traffic, making him a little better between the tackles, but I like Wright's pass protection better (as well as his long speed) and I think their hands are about equal. I wouldn't hate Benson's value at the end of the second round either and if K.C. could somehow land him in the third round it would be an absolute steal.

4. Braelon Allen - Wisconsin - 6-1, 235 pounds

When you first see Braelon Allen's powerful freight train-like build, -it probably doesn't seem like a natural fit for Andy Reid's pass happy offense, but the more I watched his tape the more I became infatuated with the idea. Allen is a powerhouse between the tackles. He has both the power to run over defenders and the contact balance to bounce off of them. Plus, his feet are better than I was expecting.

The thought of defenses having to prepare to stop Patrick Mahomes and KC's passing attack while getting a healthy dose of both Allen and Isiah Pacheco is almost unfair. Then when you add in that Allen has shown flashes of pass-catching upside and he uses his size really well in pass protection, I see a path to him being a Leonard Fournette-style every down back for the Chiefs. The late second round is probably a little bit early for Allen, but it would be so much fun that I would probably get on board with it.

5. Blake Corum - Michigan - 5-8, 205 pounds

Blake Corum is a hard evaluation for me because he's an undersized back who really excelled between the tackles in college. He has good feet and vision and his ability to find positive yards is right there at the top of this class, but can a back that size continue to be a featured runner between the tackles in the NFL? His power and toughness at his size are remarkable and I can't help but pull for the guy, but this is where I draw the line of being able to get on board with taking him in the second round. That's too high for Corum.

If he were to make it to KC at the back of the third round then I would be fine with that pick, especially since Corum has good hands and can be used in the passing game as well. I wish he was a little better in pass protection, but his short-yardage success is hard to deny. If the Chiefs were to land him he could potentially take over some of the short yardage and goal line duties as well as just general spelling of Pacheco throughout the game.

6. Marshawn Lloyd - USC - 5-9, 220 pounds

Marshawn Lloyd is the last back in this class that I would consider on day two of the draft (specifically at the end of the 3rd round). He and Corum are very close for me, and this is another one where depending on when you ask, I have a different guy ahead of the other.

Unlike Wright and Benson, these two are very different backs. While Corum is more of a between-the-tackles runner who utilizes his vision and contact balance, Lloyd is another explosive big-play back (similar to Benson and Wright). At 220 pounds, I expected Lloyd to be a little more physical, but he's constantly looking to get around guys to run away from them as opposed to going through them.

I wish USC had used him a little more in the passing game because I think he has some potential there. He's a willing pass protector so I think he has third-down back upside, but I'd be a little nervous about playing him there on day one of his rookie year. Still, his explosiveness really pops off on the game tape (as do his quick feet which helps him make defenders miss) and if Reid could find ways to get him the ball in space he could be a great weapon for the Chiefs.

Now let's look at some backs that the Chiefs could consider earlier on day three of the draft.