2024 NFL Draft Order: Cardinals, Bears jostle for 'top' spot

It's a loser's battle to see who wins in a close race for the NFL's worst team.
Washington v USC
Washington v USC / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

We're just over halfway through the 2023 NFL regular season, and it's a good time to stop and survey the landscape in a number of directions.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, head coach Andy Reid said it's an important time to self-scout, which will require a lot of reflecting back on the first nine games of the season to see what can be changed. For fans like us, it's also fun to look forward a bit to see how the performances of teams across the NFL will affect the actual 2024 NFL Draft order that we'll obsess over next spring.

At the present time, the Chiefs are atop the AFC—right where we want them—so there's not a lot of draft buzz floating through the fan base at the moment. It's also going to be difficult to picture the Chiefs earning any real chance of grabbing one of the draft's top prospects even at a point of need (as much as we might dream about Marvin Harrison, Jr. in red and gold).

Still, good prospects will fall and general manager Brett Veach can always trade up. But just how far would he have to leap? Let's look at the way the first round would fall if the season ended today.

Here's the 2024 NFL Draft order for the first round:

  1. Arizona Cardinals
  2. Chicago Bears (CAR)
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. New York Giants
  5. New England Patriots
  6. L.A. Rams
  7. Green Bay Packers
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  9. Denver Broncos
  10. Tennessee Titans
  11. Atlanta Falcons
  12. Washington Commanders
  13. Indianapolis Colts
  14. Las Vegas Raiders
  15. Arizona Cardinals (HOU)
  16. New York Jets
  17. L.A. Chargers
  18. Buffalo Bills
  19. New Orleans Saints
  20. Minnesota Vikings
  21. Dallas Cowboys
  22. Pittsburgh Steelers
  23. Houston Texans (CLE)
  24. Cincinnati Bengals
  25. Seattle Seahawks
  26. San Francisco 49ers
  27. Miami Dolphins
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars
  29. Detroit Lions
  30. Baltimore Ravens
  31. Kansas City Chiefs
  32. Philadelphia Eagles