2024 NFL Draft grades: AFC West serves up shocking results in Round 1

A quick look on how well all of the AFC West teams did in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.
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Las Vegas Raiders Pick #14: Brock Bowers (TE)

Grade: B

Ole Miss v Georgia
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Georgia tight end Brock Bowers has been nothing short of sensational during his college career. Bowers has redefined the TE position with his ability to consistently get open from any position on the field. Many draft analysts had him as a top-5 talent in the draft, comparing him to NFL legends like the 49ers tight end George Kittle or Kansas City's own Travis Kelce. Even though being hyperbolic about prospects is in the job description of every NFL scout/pundit, Brock Bowers is worthy of the hype.


In his final season with the Bulldogs, Bowers had 714 receiving yards on 56 receptions with 6 touchdowns. This lackluster production combined with the positional value has more than a few scouts questioning the Las Vegas Raiders' first-round selection. Unfortunately, the "hit rate" (the rate at which players play out their rookie contract) for tight ends selected in the first round is incredibly low. Since 2013, only 37.5% of tight ends taken in the first round have played out their rookie contracts, and that includes "generational" prospects like Kyle Pitts, T.J. Hockenson, and Noah Fant.


Even though Bowers is one of his generation's most highly touted tight-end prospects, the highest grade I can give the Las Vegas Raiders is a B+. Unfortunately for Raiders fans, higher-value positions with top-level prospects were still available (OT, ED, and CB). While I'm sure Brock Bowers will be somewhat productive in his NFL career, a team that is trying to completely rebuild their offense shouldn't be building around an undersized tight end.