2024 NFL Draft grades: AFC West serves up shocking results in Round 1

A quick look on how well all of the AFC West teams did in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.
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Denver Broncos Pick #13: Bo Nix (QB)

Grade: C+

Bo Nix
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It's no secret that the Denver Broncos are desperate for better-than-average quarterback play. With the departure of Russell Wilson, former New England Patriot Jarrett Stidham, and former New York Jet Zach Wilson would've been fighting for the starting spot. The lack of stability at the position, coupled with head coach Sean Payton's contractual pressure to win immediately, means a quarterback selection was almost necessary.

Oregon quarterback Bo Nix is an experienced, scheme-versatile prospect who can raise the floor of any quarterback room. He has shown flashes of above-average arm talent, playing on time, and making accurate throws deep downfield. In his last year at Oregon, he threw for 4508 yards, secured 45 touchdowns, and only threw 3 interceptions.


While Bo Nix has been a great collegiate quarterback, there is a reason he didn't declare for the draft until after he turned 24. Nix was very inconsistent during his first 4 years of college. His lack of anticipation and his inability to read defenses hindered his production early. Nix is, by definition, a "system quarterback". If his playing style is not taken advantage of by the Broncos coaching staff, he will go down as one of the worst picks in team history.


A C+ grade is more than fair for this selection. The Broncos had plenty of needs outside of QB (especially WR) and there were plenty of prospects with better grades in positions of need (OT, WR, or DL) that they could have taken instead. Bo Nix (probably) would've been available in the 2nd round as well, meaning they could've had Nix and a 1st round talent. Necessity and desperation drove this pick, making them deserving of the C+.