2024 NFL Draft: 2 draft crushes in each round for the Kansas City Chiefs

The 2024 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday. Here are two of our favorite prospects to target for each of the Kansas City Chiefs' seven draft picks.
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Favorite Targets for the Chiefs at Pick #159 (5th Round)

Jaheim Bell - TE - Florida State - 6'2" - 241 pounds

Consensus Draft Board Ranking - 153

Jaheim Bell isn't built like a typical tight end. He's a little bit more of an H-back type, but the good news is that he runs more like a running back (which he has played before) when he gets the ball in his hands. If the Chiefs wanted to add a move tight end to help save Travis Kelce for the playoffs, Bell would be a great option. Andy Reid could be creative and line up Bell all over the field. I even think he could take some of Jerick McKinnon's reps on passing downs.

If my one-paragraph blurb hasn't sold you on Bell yet, I encourage you to check out the thread below on why some analytics point toward Bell being one of the best tight end options in this entire draft class.

Tyrone Tracy Jr. - RB - Purdue - 5'11" - 209 pounds

Consensus Draft Board Ranking - 173

Tyrone Tracy is another one of my favorite players in this entire class. Tracy was a wide receiver at Iowa for the majority of his time in college, but showed great promise as a running back this past season for Purdue. His 9.78 RAS Score and 163.5 PFF Elusiveness Rating are both among the best in this draft class.

Yes, Tracy's ability to read holes/defenses needs to be refined because of his lack of experience as a ball carrier, but when you combine his athleticism and ability to make guys miss with his pass-catching experience, you get a mid-round prospect with the upside to become a true three-down starting running back with a little development.