10 bold predictions for the Chiefs 2023 season

Whether it is rookies flashing right away or it is veterans elevating their game, there are always surprise performances in an NFL season. That could not be more true for the Chiefs over the years during their dominant run. Kansas City will need more of that to continue what they have started.
Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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8. Mike Edwards leads the team in interceptions

Justin Reid and Bryan Cook have been counted on by all Chiefs pundits to be a sure thing in the back end of Kansas City’s defense all off-season. I have not seen enough to count that as chalk quite yet. 

At the end of the season, you might look back at Edwards’ season and count him as an integral part of the defense as the third safety. The Chiefs play three safeties a lot and Edwards has seven interceptions, including three returned for a touchdown over the last three seasons in what was mostly a part-time role. 

That is something the Chiefs have been missing over the last several years and could be even more important if the Chiefs miss Chris Jones for an extended time. The Chiefs have a ton of versatility at corner and safety and it will allow Edwards to do what he does best. He could haul in four interceptions reminding people what it was like having a ballhawk like Tyrann Mathieu.

7. Marquez Valdez-Scantling will have a career year

Valdez-Scantling signed a three-year, $30,000,000 contract in what seemed like mere moments after the Chiefs traded Hill. He was billed as a speedster to help piece together what the Chiefs were missing with Hil moving forward. 

I think you could call his first season in Kanas City a disappointment as he finished with 687 receiving yards. You just want more out of a player who receives that kind of contract. His speed draws defensive backs downfield for people like Travis Kelce to get open underneath which is valuable, but still. 

If nothing else he might have a career season out of necessity. The fact is Mahomes will throw for at least 4,500 yards and they have to go to someone. They might as well go to the 30-million-dollar man. 

I suspect he and Mahomes will connect on a few more deep balls this year and he will show up more like he did in the AFC Championship game where he led the team with 116 receiving yards. In that game, he showed more than just being a go-route guy. If he can grow in this offense in year two, I could see him surpassing 800 yards for the first time in his career.