Chiefs news: Eric Bieniemy linked with Washington Commanders

The latest rumor to tap Eric Bieniemy on the shoulder comes from the Washington Commanders, who reportedly have interest in the Chiefs’ coordinator.

The head coaching carousel is in full swing as most NFL teams are into their offseason plans, and that means we’re bound to hear about one or two names from the Kansas City Chiefs considered by other teams as potential hires. One mainstay on that list each year has been Eric Bieniemy, the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator, who cannot seem to find a higher rung on the ladder to climb.

This year might prove different, however, and Bieniemy has already interviewed with a couple of teams, including the Indianapolis Colts. The latest team to show some interest, per a report, is the Washington Commanders, who are interested in Bieniemy as an offensive coordinator with the potential for more.

Bieniemy has been with the Chiefs for a full decade at this point, and his contract is up which means some decisions have to be made on both sides. Bieniemy has led at the coordinator level for five of those seasons, and it’s rare for a successful team to hold onto emerging leadership for that long like the Chiefs have with EB.

It should be noted that Washington is not the only team interested in Bieniemy at the coordiantor level. The Tennessee Titans were also reportedly interested in both Bieniemy and Chiefs assistant Matt Nagy in a potential OC role, but it’s unknown whether either coach would want to make a lateral move to another team.

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