Fortnite introduces Patrick Mahomes skin

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With the addition of a Patrick Mahomes skin in Fortnite, good news is that you can now rack up eliminations as your favorite QB.

It makes sense that Patrick Mahomes would turn his attention to the digital world, because he’s basically conquered everything else—from professional sports team ownership to Whataburger dominance. It feels like if you just randomly name something, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback already owns it—including the Broncos.

Back to the screen. You’re likely already well-versed with Fortnite, one of the biggest video games in the world where you can compete against other gamers to be the last person standing in its core battle royale mode. Well, the good news is that you can now rack up eliminations as none other than Mahomes.

While Mahomes lays claim to all, you have a challenge ahead if you want to lay claim to Mahomes. There’s a special in-game tournament in Fortnite on Tuesday to get the new Mahomes skin early if you rank high enough. Also, no exact date has yet been confirmed, but it seems a safe bet that the skin will make its way to the “Item Shop” by this Friday.

Per an ESPN report, the new Mahomes skin comes with three styles and a special “saucy style“, which highlights the quarterback’s insatiable appetite for all things ketchup.

This is a smart move by Fortnite to generate interest in the game for a subset of the population that hasn’t yet tried it out. Perhaps the chance to compete in a battle royale with that signature look will entice them to try to play.