KC Chiefs get first look at Orlando Brown in training camp

Orlando Brown #57 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Orlando Brown #57 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

After a long offseason in which drawn-out contract negotiations ultimately gave way to a bitter holdout, the Kansas City Chiefs and left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. have figured out how to live amicably for the 2022 season. The good news is that Brown finally reported for training camp on Tuesday after sitting out the the first week of practice.

The Chiefs are currently at St. Joseph for the next couple of weeks as they get into the toughest parts of training camp—complete with pads—which is good timing for Brown to show up. The Chiefs have leaned on players like Roderick Johnson to hold down the line at left tackle in his absence, but his arrival in early August means Brown will have plenty of time to still get ready for the regular season.

The Kansas City Chiefs finally got their first look at Orlando Brown with his arrival in training camp on Tuesday.

The Chiefs and Brown certainly aren’t out of the woods when it comes to what they want from the other. The Chiefs were unwilling to pay Brown as a top-of-the-market tackle before the July 15 deadline, but everyone in the organization has maintained that they still want to lock up Brown long-term. According to NFL rules, however, the Chiefs are unable to negotiate with Brown until after the season now, and Brown must play out the year on the terms dictated by the franchise tag—which amounts to a single season deal worth $16.6 million.

How will Brown feel after playing out a full year without the security he desires? The Chiefs have the leverage next offseason with another affordable franchise tag. Would they use it again? Will Brown be even more upset if he’s not paid like he wants? What if an injury occurs?

There are so many variables at play with regards to the future that it’s impossible to tell what will happen. However, at the very least, the Chiefs have their left tackle back in the fold at present and that’s a best-case scenario given how things transpired in the last month.

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