Tyreek Hill has ‘nothing but love’ for entire Chiefs organization

Former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill says he has nothing but love for the entire organization after being traded away.

With another episode of Tyreek Hill’s new podcast entitled “It Needed To Be Said” (which itself has yet to include anything that absolutely needed to be said) came another week of decent controversy this week as Hill continues to stir up combative talking points with quarterback comparisons and further trade commentary.

In case you missed it and somehow returned to earth from an offseason long trip to outer space, the Chiefs traded away Hill in a surprising blockbuster deal back in March in exchange for five draft picks. The trade was the result of Hill’s desire to be the game’s highest-paid wide receiver, a mark itself that was set much higher this spring.

After being traded to Miami, the Dolphins rewarded Hill with a lucrative deal worth $30 million, but all of that compensation wasn’t enough to keep Hill from sounding upset about it all. Shortly after the trade, he developed a new podcast and began to tease it within the last few weeks, leading to questions being asked of Chiefs coaches and players about whether or not they’d under-utilized Hill. (If that all sounds stupid, it is and you will wish to return to outer space.)

In the most recent episode, Hill was at least good enough to clear up any “bad blood.” Hill’s broadcast partner decided to ask him point-blank whether he was trying to send a message about any player in particular or even the Chiefs organizatiion.

“No,” said Hill. “See, look, my mom always told me, ‘Don’t have no grudges. Don’t have no bad blood with anybody.’ I got all love for everybody in the building from top to bottom.

“It don’t matter how they feel against me,” he continued. “I know how I feel about them and it’s all love from the Cheetah. From Clark Hunt to Brett Veach to Andy Reid to the whole roster, I’ve got nothing but love.”

At this point, it might not matter since you can’t say you didn’t mean to burn a bridge after it’s already on fire. Some fans are over it one way or the other. But if you were wanting clarity about his comments, you can at least listen to some of them below.