Tyreek Hill’s podcast preview is a stupid exercise with no substance

Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Tyreek Hill’s podcast preview was created to generate controversy but there’s really nothing at all to it but clever editing.

Over the past few days, former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill (feels weird to type the term “former” there) has been posting on social media that a new podcast is coming from him as the host. On Wednesday, we finally got our first look at what he’s been hinting at with an official show clip of It Needed To Be Said.

The first responses to the short clip got the blood boiling for a lot of Chiefs Kingdom and it makes sense. When you listen quickly on the surface to what comes up in the short preview, it asks some insulting and even asinine questions about the Chiefs. Suddenly it felt as if Tyreek and even his agent Drew Rosenhaus, who is featured in the episode, are completely willing to burn bridges after so many productive and exciting years with the team.

In case you missed the clip, here’s what we’re talking about.

The clip begins with Rosenhaus talking about the contract negotiations with the Chiefs and saying that he reached out. Hill interrupts and emphasizes that he wanted a deal with the Chiefs over and over as if he’s tired of being portrayed as someone who wanted out. That’s all well and good, given that it makes sense for a player like Hill to want his $30M cake annually and then to eat it too by trying to play the non-money-chasing guy here.

Then comes a co-host in Julius Collins (@AttyCollinsEsq) who again says that “this wasn’t a situated that you demanded” about Hill, who chimes in with agreement, and then Collins pivots to the idiocy of it all. Collins then says the Chiefs didn’t utilize Hill and asks if this was a “situation to suppress his stats to drop that value down when it came to a potential signing”.

On the surface, you hear that and it’s easy to claim, “Wait, what?” It’s dumb. It’s actually insane. Tyreek Hill has been utilized every which way in his time with the Chiefs, and the man was on the verge of setting every wide receiver record in team history this coming year if he’d only stayed with the Chiefs. He’s the alpha dog in a prolific passing offense with a head coach and quarterback who were going to carry him to Canton. But yes, somehow he was underutilized.

But here’s the thing: the editing of this single-minute clip never actually shows what Hill said after being asked that question. It also doesn’t give Rosenhaus’s response. It’s all clever editing with one laughable question posed in the middle of it. That’s all and that’s it, and until we see and hear the full context of it all, it’s not worth reacting or responding to.

However, even now, writing this, it’s hard to not feel angry at the whole enterprise. The podcast is called “It Needed to Be Said” which infers that there are unsaid things he’s ready to let out. And why would Hill really put this out there in this format? Everyone involved knew exactly how this would play in public, and for an agent like Rosenhaus to be involved, who has other clients on the Chiefs or who could be on the Chiefs in future years, it’s silly to burn a team like that.

This whole thing is an exercise in either stupidity or bad public relations, but Hill is apparently here for it. He’s chosen a co-host who asks illegitimate questions and an agent who has lost his common sense. But he has his money and now apparently wants to tell us all the things that are unfair about it, too.

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