Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts for the Kansas City Chiefs Fan

Holy Grail Steak Co
Holy Grail Steak Co /

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get Dad some great gifts that would be perfect for any Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Don’t let Father’s Day sneak up on you. Get Dad something awesome to remind him how much he’s loved. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite gift ideas for Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Revo /

Revo Black Air 1 Sunglasses

Stylish? Check. Effective? Check. Lightweight, but durable? Check and check.

The Revo Black Air 1 sunglasses are – without a doubt – premium sunglasses at their very best. Featuring the latest in Revo technology, Air 1 is crafted of 100% titanium and weighs less than 0.5 oz, making it the lightest Revo design ever made.

And you can feel it, too. Or, maybe I should say you can’t feel it. Revo was kind enough to send me a pair to review and try out. They’re the best glasses I’ve ever worn.

They fit securely on your head, but you’re going to forget they’re there. They’re not bulky, but sleek and minimalist – meaning Dad will be able to see everything without a frame getting in the way.

Revo’s photochromic lens technology allow for automatic adjustments based on lighting conditions for optimum visibility, plus they reduce glare and make it way easier to check your phone, GPS or tablet while outside.

Plus, Revo offers free shipping and a two-year warranty.

The glasses are a bit pricey, but you’re paying for the quality here. And if Dad isn’t worth it, who is?

Shop the Revo Black Air 1 sunglasses, starting at $329.

Holy Grail Steak Co
Holy Grail Steak Co /

1/2lb. Wagyu Beef Burgers

Holy Grail Steak Co. has a bevy of meats available that Dad is sure to love, from ribeyes to strips, but we want to highlight the burgers because they were kind enough to send us some samples.

Their wagyu beef burgers are 8oz. apiece and sourced from their Tajima line American wagyu beef. You can get a two-pack for $18, which is economical for a Father’s Day present but punches up to the point that Dad will be wondering what butcher you went to.

These burgers were – without question – the juiciest, most tender, best tasting burgers I’ve ever had. Just a simple sprinkling of salt a pepper, a super-hot grill and approximately 12 minutes gave me an incredible bbq experience.

Which makes sense, considering Holy Grail Steak Co. provides us ‘normals’ with the highest-quality meats imaginable – the sort of products that previously were only available at the finest restaurants.

Isn’t that something Dad would love? Of course it is. After all, there’s no need to get all dressed up for a night on the town when you’ve got a certified Grill Master just waiting for something to cook up to perfection.

Shop Holy Grail Steak Co. now. 

Amazon /

Q-Swiper Steam Clean Grill Cleaner

So Dad’s done the grilling and everyone’s in a food coma. Great. But, you know, that grill isn’t going to clean itself.

And it isn’t like you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands all dirty to clean those grates.

You might not be able to get Dad a self-cleaning grill, but you can get the next-best thing with the Q-Swiper Steam Clean Grill Cleaner.

Here’s how it works.

Start by scraping off any of the easy-to-get bits off the grates. Then you’ll attach the heat-resistant cloth to the Q-Swiper, then fill the tray halfway with water and dunk the cleaner in. Turn on your grill and set it to about 400 degrees. As the grill heats up, get your heat-resistant glove on and start scraping. The wet cloth will provide steam, which will roll debris right off the grates. The cloth itself is made with 100% Kevlar fibers and can be rinsed and then washed in the dishwasher more than 15 times.

Seriously – this thing works great. Proud Grill was kind enough to send over a unit to review – and guess how I cleaned my grill after cooking those wagyu burgers?

Order the Q-Swiper Steam Clean Grill Cleaner, starting at $16.99.

Monoprice /

Monoprice Capsule 200 Portable Speaker

Let Dad listen to his music already. When he’s out at the grill, maybe he wants a little country… or rock and roll… or hip hop.

It doesn’t matter what he wants to listen to. What matters is that he has a good way to listen to it.

That’s where the Monoprice Capsule 200 comes into play.

Monoprice was kind enough to send me one of these to review, and really there’s plenty to like. The Capsule 200 is sturdy (I’m a klutz and dropped it… twice… with no damage) and provides good sound quality. Plus Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity means Dad doesn’t need to keep his phone right next to the speaker (in fact, you can have them more than 30 feet apart). It’s also water resistant, capable of being submerged in three feet of water. So if Dad has some yardwork to do, he can jam out no matter the weather.

It gets a little rough when the volume is maxed out, but most speakers do the same thing. Overall, for the price (currently less than $60) it’s tough to beat.

Order a Monoprice Capsule 200 for $57.99.

Fanatics /

Kansas City Chiefs Fanatics Pack Tailgate Game Day Essentials T-Shirt Gift Box

This box has plenty of goodies for Dad. It contains a t-shirt, towel, garden flag and pole, three decals, stainless steel bottle opener, slim can cooler two-pack and a regular can cooler two-pack.

All in all, this is a $107 value. But today you can get it at Fanatics for the crazy price of $65.

Order at Fanatics for $64.99.

Fanatics /

Kansas City Chiefs Embroidered Golf Gift Set

This gift set includes three regulation team logo golf balls, eight tees and one 16″x22″ towel. If Dad likes to hit the links, send him out with this.

After all, how will everyone else know what team he’s rooting for?

Order at Fanatics for $29.99.