Watch: Clyde Edwards-Helaire on his first healthy offseason and the Chiefs season

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately on the Arrowhead Addict podcast, and so many of you have come along for the ride. This offseason, we’re still going to have a good time talking all things K.C. Chiefs, especially on the moments we can welcome a special guest like running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

On our most recent podcast, Edwards-Helaire spoke about a number of topics in a short interview, from what he feels he does best on the field to his biggest run of the season  to his charitable foundation inspired by his younger sister Maddee. One bigger subject of conversation was his health and how he’s excited for the first real healthy offseason in his career.

For the first time on the record, Edwards-Helaire dove into the gall bladder surgery that defined last spring and summer and just how much it set him back. Following the team’s Super Bowl appearance, Edwards-Helaire was extremely limited, if not out, for most of the offseason.

“Honestly, about to break the internet with this one. So, this will be actually my first offseason being able to do a full training regimen. After the Super Bowl last year, the first Thursday in March, I had gall bladder surgery. My gall bladder completely stopped working. I was down to about 160 pounds and then before I knew it, it was my first time of getting a rep with the football from the Super Bowl was the first OTA practice. I didn’t run, didn’t do anything all the way up until that point and was still dealing with stitches and recovery over the course of the summer.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Sleep Number is a company with purpose, and they’re helping Clyde fulfill his purpose, too. Thanks to Sleep Number, they’re donating $5,000 to Clyde’s foundation, Make Muscles 4 Maddee, which was created to help Muscular Dystrophy awareness for his younger sister, Maddee, who lives with MS.