Twitter goes berserk over poor officiating for KC Chiefs vs. Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals were already a dangerous enough opponent for the Kansas City Chiefs coming into Week 17 that they shouldn’t have needed any help from the officials.

When playing at Paul Brown Stadium, the home team got some additional calls anyway, especially in the second half, and members of Chiefs Kingdom, including several players and former players, took to Twitter to express their frustrations with the referees and officials in charge of Sunday’s game.

While the Chiefs certainly committed their fair share of penalties on Sunday and shot themselves in the foot on multiple occasions, there were also several calls that got in the way of what was an exciting and competitive game. There was the horse collar tackle call on L’Jarius Sneed. There were numerous pass interference calls that extended drives for the Bengals. They were everywhere in the fourth quarter.

As just one example, you can see this tackle from Sneed here that was called for 15 yards.

Fellow Chiefs players were taking the game’s officials to task Twitter for their ridiculous calls, one after the other, that seemed to favor the Bengals so much late in the game when things counted the most.

Even those of us on the outside could not believe what we were watching in terms of the officiating on Sunday. Fans and those who cover the Chiefs were livid about the state of things against the Bengals.