KC Chiefs vs. Packers: Writer predictions for Week 9

LANDOVER, MARYLAND - OCTOBER 17: Trey Smith #65 of the Kansas City Chiefs walks off the field after a victory against the Washington Football Team at FedExField on October 17, 2021 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
LANDOVER, MARYLAND - OCTOBER 17: Trey Smith #65 of the Kansas City Chiefs walks off the field after a victory against the Washington Football Team at FedExField on October 17, 2021 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /

We need to be honest as a collective of writers: we’ve not been quite so accurate in 2021 as we’d like to say we are.

Here at Arrowhead Addict, the vast majority of us have guessed that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to win each of the regular season games played so far. It’s the nature of being a Chiefs-centric site, of course, but it’s also part and parcel of following a team that has represented the AFC in consecutive Super Bowls.

With the Chiefs at 4-4 at present, we’ve all been wrong more than once to this point, and given the difficulty of the schedule from here on out, we’re likely going to be wrong a few more times.

Beginning this week, the Green Bay Packers present a weird set-up in that they’re clearly the better team, as illustrated by a 7-1 record, but they’re also missing Aaron Rodgers this week due to a positive COVID test. How will this affect the game is yet unknown, but so much of it comes down to how Jordan Love, a former first-round pick, plays in his first real game as a pro quarterback?

In the midst of uncertainty and with our track record of inaccuracy, our writers are still happy to offer up our own picks and predictions for Week 9.

Josh Fann

Let’s face it, the Chiefs aren’t a great football team as of right now, and with an eight-week sample size, they might just not be good at all. I picked them to win by double digits against the Giants and that totally backfired. So, I’m picking the Chiefs to win by double digits. The Packers with Jordan Love starting at QB is a game you have to win and win by more than 3 points if the Chiefs want to be taken seriously at all. This feels like a “last straw” game for them. If you don’t come out and dominate in this one I don’t know what to tell you anymore. Chiefs 30, Packers 13

Jake Kokoris

The Packers overwhelm the Chiefs in the first quarter, but the Chiefs defense makes great adjustments in the second half, and Mahomes and co. deliver a strong fourth quarter after starting slowly to send the Pack packing. Chiefs 26, Packers 16

Scott Loring

The Packers have the run game needed to be able to support Jordan Love, and having both Davante Adams and David Bakhtiari back in the lineup would help even further, The Chiefs’ defense has played surprisingly well in the second half of their last three games, allowing just 7 points in that span. But the Chiefs offense has fumbled the football 7 times in the last three games, too. Until KC can play a clean game offensively and stop giving the ball away, it’s really hard for me to pick them to beat a quality team like Green Bay. Packers 24, Chiefs 20

Ellen Mathis

This game got a bit more interesting with the Aaron Rodgers news. With Jordan Love getting the start, I think this game is closer than it otherwise would have been. However, the Packers’ defense is great and the coaching staff will equip Love well. Ultimately, I think the Packers win in a close one. Packers 31, Chiefs 27

Evan Mead

Someone said it as a joke on Twitter although, I don’t think he’s wrong. Jordan Love, although not a regular player, has five days to figure out where 49 is on the field. It’s not completely inaccurate. The Chiefs came close to losing to a very depleted Giants team, and it’s hard to think this game will be any different. Chiefs 28, Packers 24

Hunter Stanton

With Aaron Rodgers out, we sadly won’t get to see the State Farm Bowl this year; however, this gives the Chiefs’ defense a massive sigh of relief heading into Sunday. The Chiefs’ offense has been shaky, which is why I don’t expect a lot of points from the Chiefs. And, with Rodgers out, I see less for the Packers. The Chiefs’ defense has its challenges, especially with Davante Adams. As long as Sorensen or Niemann aren’t covering anyone and with the emergence of Bolton and Gay, I think the Chiefs will win a close one. Chiefs 28, Packers 27

Grant Tuttle

While I was fully intending on calling this one a toss-up when Aaron Rodgers was scheduled to play, I don’t believe that Jordan Love is the guy to carry the Packers over Kansas City. Say what you will about the Chiefs this season, their defense has been better in the last couple of weeks. While the Packers have some weapons, the Chiefs can likely keep a lid on Aaron Jones and the rushing attack. The question will be, “Will Mahomes have a third straight week of sub-Mahomes performance?” I don’t think so. This will get solved and Mahomes will start cooking this week. Chiefs 31, Packers 21

Farzin Vousoughian

Obviously no Aaron Rodgers, but this still will be a challenge for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have the most giveaways while the Packers are tied 3rd in giveaways. Unless Dan Sorensen plays a lot, the Chiefs defense should keep Jordan Love in check and pull away with a win at home. Chiefs 24, Packers 21

Matt Conner

For some reason, it feels like things are coming together for the Chiefs. The recent win over the Giants wasn’t all that impressive, but I’m inspired after watching a once-disappointing Braves team turn the corner late in the MLB season and win the World Series. After a Melvin Ingram trade and knowing what’s at stake, I just think the Chiefs put it all together. Just a feeling. Chiefs 35, Packers 24