Golden Tate could be helpful addition to KC Chiefs offense

The K.C. Chiefs still face questions about the second wide receiver slot, but what will they look for at that position?

When it comes to receiver, although the goal is the same, there are many different styles of play. When they signed Sammy Watkins, they were getting an X receiver for Andy Reid’s offense, a physical option for quick routes who can create separation in traffic and get a good release off the line. What they weren’t getting was a 50/50 ball receiver or a deep threat.

Watkins was an incredible talent coming into the NFL and could’ve had a long, amazing career. Unfortunately, injuries have cost him so much production over time and the Chiefs decided to part ways this offseason. With Watkins gone, what receiver could they be looking for to fill that hole?

There are still a lot of receivers available in free agency only a couple weeks before training camp starts up. There were some rumors around the Chiefs possibly looking at Dede Westbrook earlier this offseason. Chiefs fans have also asked about a trade for New England Patriots wideout N’Keal Harry or free agents like Josh Gordon or Larry Fitzgerald.

Within that list of receivers you have a possession receiver, a deep threat, and a 50/50 ball receiver. However, when I looked at the list of free agents still available, there was one name I found very intriguing: Golden Tate.

Would Golden Tate be a good addition for the K.C. Chiefs?

The Chiefs have a hole at the wide receiver two spot, but after seeing how Sammy Watkins did with the Chiefs, Golden Tate could even have a bigger impact. Tate is known for his run after catch ability much like Watkins offered with the Chiefs. However, Tate has complained about opportunities while being on the Giants that ultimately led to him getting cut.

Tate has the ability to be a solid wide receiver two as another reliable option for Patrick Mahomes who could even take some defensive attention away from Hill and Kelce. When formerly with the Lions, Tate was able to put up 372 receptions for 4,224 yards and 19 touchdowns in 64 games—a span in which he was able to average 11.3 yards per reception. Being able to add a guy who can put up respectable yards and receptions as a wide receiver two could be a great way to fill the void Watkins left behind.

The Chiefs have a great team with a lot of depth across the board, but the void that Watkins left behind is sitting uneasy with Chiefs fans. The Chiefs organization may have confidence in Mecole Hardman, but it’s impossible to say whether he’s ready for a greater workload and offensive burden. Being able to add a weapon like Golden Tate to the Chiefs could be a small but great move by the Chiefs with hopes of making it back to the Super Bowl.