Villanova QB Daniel Smith impresses Patrick Mahomes by impersonating Chiefs star

Watching college football in the middle of April might be good example of the oddity of playing sports in the midst of a global pandemic, but we have to admit it was a lot of fun watching Daniel Smith, the starting quarterback for Villanova, doing his best impersonation of a Patrick Mahomes-type maneuver near the red zone.

The heroics came in the annual Battle of the Blue in the CAA, a big game on Saturday in which No. 7 ranked Delaware was hoping to put away No. 10 ranked Villanova on the road. The Wildcats were down by two scores late in the fourth when Smith came up with this crazy and fortunate throw on a third-and-one.

You might want to go back and watch that a few times just to make sure that you really saw what you thought you did the first time. It was so good that the K.C. Chiefs star quarterback was impressed and took to Twitter to give Smith a shout-out.

Unfortunately for the Wildcats, the heroics were ultimately for nothing when viewed through the team lens. The Blue Hens clinched the Colonial Athletic Association with a final score of 27-20 that kept them undefeated on the season. Their season is still alive as they move on to the FCS playoffs. As for Smith, his future is yet unknown.

Still, if nothing else comes of it, Smith will forever be known for this moment in which being the only football game on in the middle of spring brought a ton of eyes to the product and he did his best to entertain with one of the single most audacious things we’ve ever seen a quarterback do.

As for Mahomes himself pulling off that sort of maneuver, we’re happy to see him pull off his own circus acts from time to time, but relying on these sorts of magic tricks probably isn’t the best way to win consistently. Then again, just for reference, let’s take a look at this move and remind ourselves that Mahomes could definitely pull this one off if he really wanted.

That’s our quarterback.