Le’Veon Bell’s release generates rumors, hopes for Kansas City Chiefs

Free agent running back Le’Veon Bell generates rumors for Kansas City Chiefs.

From the moment it was announced that Le’Veon Bell was a free agent, the hopes of Chiefs Kingdom and rumors around the NFL could be heard in conjunction with Kansas City. In fact, it all started even before he was officially released by the New York Jets.

Bell was set free on Tuesday by the Jets after just over a year-and-a-half of a marriage that never worked out as hoped. When the Jets first signed Bell to an expensive multi-year deal, the hope was that he would work with new head coach Adam Gase to form a dynamic new offense around Sam Darnold. Instead, the production was lacking, Bell was upset by misuse, and the team became wary of his price tag.

After being unable to trade him for anything (an injury guarantee worth $8 million took care of that), the Jets finally released him on Tuesday. The only thing that came quicker than the rumors was Bell’s obvious relief.


From there, the rumor mill began to churn. Given Bell’s status as a veteran, he’s not subject to waivers, which means the Chiefs are in play along with other contenders. Bell will have his choice of destinations as a free agent, and plenty of teams should be interested given the lack of financial constraints likely to come with him. The Jets owe him $6 million, so any contract he earns from another team will only ease what the Jets have to pay.

On Twitter, it was interesting to see Chris Jones stir the pot around Bell with this cryptic tweet.

However, it’s also important to remember that Jones has worked out with Bell before. He also apparently advised him financially. There’s a friendship there and Jones stopped short of saying anything more than addressing him on Twitter.

However, he’s not the only part of Chiefs Kingdom who was angling for Bell to join the Chiefs after being given his newfound freedom.

Over at ESPN, Bill Barnwell believes the Chiefs are among the “best fits” for Bell’s services:

Coach Andy Reid is the screen whisperer, and I suspect the Chiefs could find a way to integrate Bell into their offense alongside Edwards-Helaire.

Bell also had Chiefs Kingdom buzzing about the potential of adding him to the offense.

However there are detractors. Former Chiefs lineman Geoff Schwartz thinks it’s a bad fit, both in quantity and quality.

It’s possible we will know something soon given that Bell is officially a free agent as of late afternoon on Wednesday. However, Bell might also enjoy the chance to take a long, slow look around the room of suitors to see which opportunity is best. At some point soon, however, Bell will get back to work and will change the offensive potential for someone. The Chiefs are, at the very least, in the conversation on this side of things. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.