Will every Kansas City Chiefs player report to training camp?

Darwin Thompson of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)
Darwin Thompson of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) /

Some NFL players are debating whether or not they will report to NFL training camp.

Early attendance might be a problem.

As the NFL prepares to conduct business as usual (as possible), several NFL players have voiced their concerns about the lack of understandable safety protocols to report to training camp (or even play games) in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kansas City Chiefs are among the first two teams scheduled to report this week, along with the Houston Texans, which begs the question: will everyone show up?

DeMarcus Lawrence, a star pass rusher for the Dallas Cowboys, expressed concern about training camp attendance and admitted he was uncertain about whether or not he would be there. He also told ESPN he was taking things “one day at a time.”

"“I love to ride with my brothers and play the game of football. When I have to take that away from myself, it’s hard and I don’t want to make a decision like that. But I also have to make sure I’m taking care of my family. Family is No. 1. After the game of football is done, that’s the only thing I have to depend on, so I’ve got to take care of them.”"

Lawrence’s issues are valid and it stands to reason that he’s not alone in his perspective. Chiefs players have taken to Twitter to add their concerns to the list of others doing the same. Chiefs linebacker Anthony Hitchens brings up a great point as the NFL demands its players to return.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is fresh off of signing a record-setting contract, is using his platform to add to the noise. It began a few days ago when players began to wonder why the league wasn’t clear on the safety measures that would be taken as training camp grew close.

From there, it’s only gotten worse as numerous stars in the game, from Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to Houston Texans pass rusher J.J. Watt, are also asking important questions that need answers sooner than later. Mahomes updated his rightful concerns by noting that the clock is ticking.

Herein lies the rub. Each player is expressing his love for the game and his passion to get back to work. Every teammate wants to do right by his fellow players. However, each player also has to realize that football is not life and family is most important. No player wants to sacrifice his own health, or that of his family, because the league rushed back too early and/or proper protocols were not in place.

It would not be surprising if training camp attendance was less than 100 percent. And that goes for Kansas City, too.

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