Chiefs news: Arrowhead Stadium reopens on Tuesday for some workers

Some employees of the Kansas City Chiefs will be able to return to work on Tuesday as the team gets back to business at Arrowhead Stadium.

The National Football League is getting back to work.

While the league isn’t close to being back to “normal” given the extension of safety measures in each state to stave off the spread of coronavirus, many states are relaxing restrictions and the NFL is among organizations easing off of closures in order to allow some level of normalcy. That means that within a set of given parameters, some NFL teams will be conducting business back at their home stadiums like a typical offseason.

Albert Breer says the Chiefs are one of a handful of teams expected to reopen for business on Tuesday. The Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, and Pittsburgh Steelers are the other teams anticipating a return to a normal workspace although not everyone will be joining them.

Breer has the details on who is allowed back at a team’s home stadium and who is not. Coaches are still going to be working at home via teleconference. Players will stay at home as well, unless they were already rehabbing an injury with the team’s training staff. Breer also says that only 75 employees maximum are allowed back in, or up to 50 percent.

Don’t forget that there are many behind-the-scenes workers who keep things flowing at Arrowhead beyond the coaches and players and even team personnel. From maintenance to ticket sales to community relations to security (and myriad more we’re likely all forgetting), it takes a lot of work to keep the Chiefs moving in every facet.

It will be interesting to see whether these measures are helpful to move the meter back toward normal or whether circumstances will create more issues as people begin to shift away from sheltering-in-place practices. You can expect the NFL to monitor each situation closely for both health and effectiveness, while other franchises wait for their own state leadership to clear them to try to return as well.

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