Las Vegas Raiders’ Allegiant stadium resembles Roomba or hockey puck

Allegiant Stadim (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Allegiant Stadim (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Los Vegas Raiders new stadium is coming into view and, from above, it drew several hilarious comparisons from Chiefs Kingdom.

There’s no doubt that the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders was created to be a spectacle—and an impressive one at that. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas and spent any time on the famed strip at all, you’ll know that larger-than-life is the currency. Unless it’s bold and bright, fascinating and frivolous, it’s already sunk.

Fortunately for the Raiders, Allegiant Stadium looks the part of a dynamic new home field as dark as the team’s uniform that will only stand out all the more against a desert backdrop. A look through the plans show a state of the art arena that the NFL will be proud to showcase despite hosting a team that will perpetually spin its wheels at six to eight wins per year.

At the present time. Allegiant Stadium is on target to be completed and ready for a late August preseason contest. (Before that, Garth Brooks is supposed to perform for the stadium’s first major public event.) The first grass was laid on the field this week, and further developments will only make the stadium seem all the more real as the season approaches.

Still, as members of Chiefs Kingdom, we couldn’t help but laugh a bit when seeing some of the latest overhead photos of Allegiant. While it’s destined to have all kinds of exciting bells and whistles as a new NFL stadium, we couldn’t help but notice that the view from above made it resemble some odd household objects—or worse. We asked Chiefs fans for some better ideas of what Allegiant resembled and loved the responses.

I’ll lead with my favorite real comparison (I’ll explain the use of the word “real” in a minute) because it’s just so great. A lot of fans were on the same page as this. Plus as a Parks and Rec fan, it’s hard not to think of Tom Haverford.

From there, some other great responses came out, from a hockey puck to a tire to… well, we can just let the responses speak for themselves.

Then again, some Chiefs fans decided to not even worry about finding a comparison and went straight for the jugular.

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