Chiefs rookie Michael Danna earns high marks for work ethic

Michigan defensive end Michael Danna was the Chiefs fifth round selection, and he earned high marks for his adaptability and work ethic from a team scout.

If you’re wondering exactly how the Kansas City Chiefs plan on using their fifth round pick, Michael Danna from the University of Michigan, area scout Pat Sperduto says it doesn’t really matter. Whatever it is, Danna will bring his all to it no matter the task.

Danna was the biggest surprise of the Chiefs draft class given that so little was known about him at the time of his selection. After all, Danna was a rotational lineman at Michigan last season and even then he was asked to do things he’d never done before. For years, he was an edge rusher at Central Michigan who was consistently disruptive—even enough to draw the Chiefs interest a year ago when they thought he would declare.

“I wrote him last year when he was at Central Michigan, because I thought he was a junior who was going to come out,” said Sperduto. “I had a couple friends there who thought he was going to leave, so I’d written him … he would have been a draft pick last year as well.”

At Michigan, he was asked to gain 15 pounds—from his typical playing weight with the Chippewas at 255 to 270. He was also asked to play inside. The end result was only 3 sacks on the year in rotational duty and a final season of college football that was largely overlooked.

That said, Danna’s willingness to do what it takes for the sake of the team was exactly what drew the Chiefs attention.

“That’s the great thing about this kid. He’ll do what you ask him to do,” said Sperduto. “If you want him to put on a little bit of weight and be able to shift in at 3 tech and some subpackages, I’m sure he can do that.”

Sperduto did say that he believes Danna will likely remain outside for the Chiefs, but he admits it’s up to the coaches. Either way, Danna will give it his all.

“I think his natural position will be as a defensive end for us. Hopefully, the coaches, that’s their job to find the best possible role for him. I guarantee he’ll be a core [special] teamer, so Coach Toub will love him. Then however the defensive staff—Coach Spags and Coach Daly—decide to use him, he’ll adapt to it. He’s a guy that’s going to adapt to whatever you give him.”