Tyreek Hill is among the KC Chiefs best fifth round picks ever

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The history of the Chiefs 5th round picks, like most teams, is littered with players who never made it. Even still, the team has struck gold in the round more than once.

The Kansas CItiy Chiefs currently own picks in the first five rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft. In anticipation of making those selections, we’ll be covering the best picks in Kansas City history by round, starting with round five.

[Editorial note: if a player was drafted by KC but was never successful as a Chief, they do not make the list. For instance, you won’t find Gale Sayers on the first round picks despite the fact that he was one of the best players ever drafted by the franchise.]

When surveying Chiefs draft history, the fifth round is pretty ugly territory. Selections include a double-digit amount of players who never once appeared in an NFL game. One can assume this is true for most franchises, but I imagine more than a few have done a little better in the 5th than Kansas City.

The Chiefs have also drafted several players in the 5th round who went on to become solid contributors for the Chiefs and other teams including Brandon Carr, Kendrick Lewis, Scott Fujita and Joe Horn.

But its not all bad news for the Chiefs and round five. While the team has never drafted a Hall of Famer (at least no one that is currently in the Hall of Fame) in the round, they have drafted five players who were high quality pieces for Kansas City – and have apparently had a knack for finding quality receivers in the round.

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