Kansas City Chiefs have not suffered blowout loss in three years

It was three years ago on Wednesday when the Chiefs lost 43-13. Since then, they have never suffered a blowout loss, proving to be very competitive.

Wednesday marked the three-year anniversary of a 43-13 loss on Sunday Night Football to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes, this is an odd start for you readers. No one wants to remember a blowout loss. But this is a good thing.

The game itself is one to forget. Luckily, Kansas City Chiefs fans have not had to experience a loss like that since then.

Ever since the 43-13 blowout loss, the Chiefs have suffered 15 losses, including playoff games. Only one of those 15 losses was by more than one possession, coming in 2017 when the Chiefs lost 28-17 to the Dallas Cowboys.

Since that blowout loss to the Steelers, the Chiefs have never been blown out in any game. Since that game, the Chiefs have gone 37-15, including playoff games.

Yes, we do get caught up and criticize the team for its lack of ability to put away games at times, or allowing games to be closer than we may think they should be. The last two wins against the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions are good examples of that.

However, it is easy to forget that the Chiefs have turned into one of the most competitive teams in the NFL in the last three years as they have only one loss by more than one possession during that stretch.

For reference, the New England Patriots suffered three losses by more than one possession last season alone. Obviously, the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl, but the point still stands. The Chiefs weren’t considered a competitive team for the longest time.

Andy Reid has guided the Chiefs to become one of the more competitive teams in the league. Everyone knows about Patrick Mahomes and this dynamic offense. Many also know about Kansas City’s appalling defense. Despite the imbalance, Reid still found a way to make his football team competitive, which is not easy for most head coaches to do with this defense.

In the last three first quarters, the Chiefs have been outscored 26-0. At the end of all three of those games, the Chiefs outlasted their opponents as victors.

Under Reid, the Chiefs have found ways to adjust. Reid quickly turned a 2-14 team and led the Chiefs to a 9-0 start in 2013. The Chiefs were derailed after a 1-5 start in 2015, but never quit. The Chiefs went on to finish that year on a positive note, winning a franchise record 10 consecutive games to finish the season.

Now, the Chiefs have a big target on their back. With the MVP, a high-powered offense and a head coach with the sixth most wins in NFL history, teams will always give it their best, in hopes to defeat one of the best teams in the NFL.

With the progress the Chiefs have made under Reid, it is only a matter of time before the team wins an AFC Championship game and advances to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs don’t lose often, nor do they get blown out. Their chances of making it to the Super Bowl are very good.

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