Patrick Mahomes says he loves being in Kansas City

When making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Patrick Mahomes didn’t hold back in his love for Kansas City (and the Z-Man).

One of the guests on late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday was none other than Patrick Mahomes, the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player and starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Kimmel used the segment to ask Mahomes about a number of subjects, including dealing with rabid fans, how he’s treated by friends, and how much he enjoys being in Kansas City.

It was the last point that allowed Mahomes to profess his love for not only the town but the fans and the ways they’ve “embraced” him.

“I love it. I honestly do. I mean, look we’ve got the Chiefs fans, Chiefs Kingdom, right here … Kansas city is such an amazing city and they’ve really embraced me coming there. I love being there and I love being a part of the community and a part of that organization,” said Mahomes when asked about his home by Kimmel.

Kimmel is clued in enough about Kansas City to also ask about the Z-Man sandwich from Joe’s Kansas City. Specifically, Kimmel asked if Mahomes had enjoyed a Z-Man yet. Mahomes jumped right in. “100 percent. I get it Postmated to me. i get it probably once every two weeks,’ he said.

Mahomes has a couple weeks left before he’s due back for training camp and a run up to his second full season as the Chiefs starter. Before then, he will make a detour to Los Angeles to visit the ESPY Awards, where Mahomes is nominated for both Male Athlete of the Year and Best Football Player of the Year.