Arrowhead Addict Podcast: Should the Chiefs target Jalen Ramsey?

The Chiefs handed out a few contract extensions but left a notable player unsigned. Should they try to get cornerback Jalen Ramsey?

The Arrowhead Addict Podcast returns this week as Rylan Stiles and Grant Tuttle elect to talk about everything from the Chiefs possibly going all in for Jalen Ramsey to Dak Prescott.

At the start of today’s episode, we discuss the Kansas City Chiefs recent contract extensions handed down to Mitchell Schwartz and Harrison Butker.

The guys also break down the Chris Jones saga as he continues to hold himself out of Kansas City Chiefs team activities (spoiler alert: it is not a big deal.)

That topic led the guys to their first hypothetical question: Would you trade Chris Jones for Jalen Ramsey straight up?

Would Jalen Ramsey be worth giving up the farm to go get?

Patrick Mahomes is looking to improve his footwork, how much better can Mahomes actually get?

Before the guys jump into a full-on rant about paying NFL quarterbacks an insane amount of money, and Dak Prescott, they discussed a pair of hypothetical questions (can you tell it is June?): If you had an all expense paid trip to one road game, and one home game, for the Chiefs this year which games would you pick?

Do you just hand Patrick Mahomes a blank check when his contract is due up? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

Grant doubled down on his take that the New England Patriots are not going to win the AFC West this year, and Rylan was ridiculed for electing to go to the Green Bay Packers game of any game on the Chiefs home slate.

How much could you do with a broken back? We would guess not a lot, but Matthew Stafford played 16 games with a broken back!

Listen to the show:

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