Arrowhead Addict Podcast: Draft hats, Bashaud Breeland and more

On this week’s Arrowhead Addict podcast, Rylan Stiles and Grant Tuttle discuss draft hats, Bashaud Breeland and defensive ends.

Yes, Arrowhead Addict has an official podcast now. Check in for weekly updates and podcast notes right here on Arrowhead Addict. In the latest installment of the podcast, Grant Tuttle and Rylan Stiles break down the latest Kansas City Chiefs news. Since the last recording, a lot has changed with the team.

Tyreek Hill speculation, or lack thereof, is common among Chiefs fans. We discuss why we should reserve judgment until we hear official word on the developing story. After extensive discussion on Hill, we dive into the Chiefs latest signings of Bashaud Breeland and Alex Okafor along with the trade of Eric Murray for Emmanuel Ogbah. The Chiefs are headed in a new direction and have a “type” when it comes to defensive linemen.

Less than important in terms of football, we agree that the draft hats are horrible and that no one should buy them. The Chiefs hat is bad, but all of them are terrible. Along with the talk of hats, we talk about the rule change allowing people to challenge pass interference penalties or lack of one. As an addition to this rule, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the NFL’s overtime rules and whether the Chiefs will get to add their new overtime rule.

Finally, we discuss the NFL draft and how Todd Haley is wrong a lot. Find out what future NFL quarterbacks have been visiting opposing AFC West teams and whether that should make us nervous.

Listen here:

Next week we discuss all things NFL draft with a fellow draft junkie, Thomas Welte. Stay tuned for a showdown of the mock drafts and a debate on NFL prospects!