The Kansas City Chiefs were the losing team for Kyle Fuller

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 24: Josh Gordon
CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 24: Josh Gordon /

It’s being reported that the Kansas City Chiefs were the silent “other” team that ended up losing out in their attempts to bid on Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller.

Two teams made a bid. In the end, none of them mattered in the first place.

The Chicago Bears were apparently dead set on matching nearly any offer made for cornerback Kyle Fuller on the open market. Instead of reaching an extension with their former first round pick, however, the Bears decided to let other teams actually set the financial bar, so to speak, on his worth. So they went the route of the transition tag.

By applying the transition tag to Fuller just before free agency, the Bears allowed any team to sign Fuller to a new contract. The Bears then owned the rights to either match that contract or let him leave to the new team. In the process of Fuller signing that contract and then waiting for what would happen, word slipped that the Green Bay Packers were the team that Fuller signed with in free agency. In the process, it was also said that two teams actually put in bids for Fuller, the Packers and a mystery franchise.

The Chiefs were apparently that team.

In the end, it didn’t matter. The Packers didn’t get Fuller and neither did the Chiefs. The Chiefs were likely never going to get Fuller since the Bears were prepared to match any realistic price.

It’s frustrating for fans who wanted to see the Chiefs not only bolster their secondary but also unite the Fuller brothers in a nice subplot for the season and beyond. The Chiefs already traded for Kendall Fuller this offseason in the Alex Smith trade from the Washington Redskins. That said, it’s also good knowing that Brett Veach tried to further help the cornerback spot and that further help in the secondary is on his radar.