Blitz Package podcast: Wrapping up the Chiefs 2017 season

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 16: Tamba Hali
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 16: Tamba Hali /

We have all had the week to let the loss to the Tennessee Titans sink into place and take another look. Who is to blame?

Social media is still a battleground for fans as they try to make their thoughts known after the terrible loss to the Tennessee Titans from last Saturday.

Most of us have calmed down and really taken another look at what happened while some are still finding it hard to move on. In this episode of The Blitz Package,  we finish up with what we found in the game that went wrong and leads to such a gruesome loss.

There is plenty of blame to go around when looking at the second half of the game. There is no one area that should get all of the blame whether that be player or coach. Many fans are still trying to blame on over the other problem instead of agreeing that this was a team loss. Players didn’t execute, coaches didn’t adjust well enough, there’s blame everywhere.

Now is the time to take one look back over the season as a whole and talk about what we learned from it all. What needs to change going forward to improve next season and seasons to come? What players have we seen in a Chiefs uniform for the last time? Finally, what should the Chiefs look for in free agency and in the draft?

Offensive coordinator, Matt Nagy was officially named the head coach of the Chicago Bears this week as yet another part of the Reid coaching tree lands his own job. He will be replaced by moving up running back coach Eric Bieniemy. The defensive coordinator role is still under question as no statement about Bob Sutton’s future with the Chiefs has been made.

If the Chiefs decide to go away from Sutton on defense, who will be his replacement? Will the Chiefs bring someone up line cornerback coach Al Harris, or will they bring in someone from the outside? All things to discuss looking to the offseason.