Watch Jarvis Landry try to intentionally re-injure Darrelle Revis’s wrist


Check out the video for yourself to see if you agree that Miami Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry looks like he’s intentionally trying to injure Darrelle Revis.

It’s understandable for NFL players to get caught up in the emotions that come with competitive play. Football is, after all, a physical sport, but there has to be some sort of limit. If you watched the recent Kansas City Chiefs win over the Miami Dolphins then you might know what we’re referring to.

In the midst of the Chiefs 29-13 win over the Dolphins, Miami wide receiver Jarvis Landry apparently took it upon himself to try to even up the talent differential between the two franchises by intentionally injuring one of the Chiefs cornerbacks—specifically, Darrelle Revis.

Check out this slowed-down video replay below and see it for yourself.

The text from the embedded tweet above references Revis’s wrist surgery, which took place 18 months ago, a procedure he said affected his play in 2016 that led to his release from the New York Jets. Many NFL analysts wondered if age had caught up with Revis, who at one time was the unquestioned best defensive back in the NFL, but Revis insisted that playing above his normal weight and the wrist injury were to blame for a forgettable 2016 season.

Revis originally tore a ligament in his wrist and required offseason surgery and two to three months of rehabilitation time to heal. While it’s been some time, clearly Landry knows where and how to try to hurt Revis.

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Here’s hoping the Dolphins own coaching staff and leadership look at the footage and take action. If not, here’s hoping the NFL also takes notice and applies an appropriate fine and/or suspension.