Locked on Chiefs: Is this team Jekyll or Hyde?


The Kansas City Chiefs have to find answers to a ton of questions over the next couple of weeks if they’re to make the postseason.


Kansas City Chiefs

have a ton of questions right now on both sides of the ball. Offensively it looks like the figured things out against the New York Jets but they still found a way to lose.

Alex Smith stepped up

and played his best game in over a month. Travis Kelce was again uncoverable in the first quarter yet the Chiefs went away from him.

Tyreek Hill burnt the Jets

defense to a crisp and had a fantastic game.

Defensively the Chiefs couldn’t do anything to stop the mediocre Jets offense. Looking back over the prior weeks the question comes to mind if we thought the defense was playing better and it was really that they just played bad teams. The Giants are bad on offense and only scored 12 points to win. They took advantage of this Chiefs team when they gave them penalty yards and they capitalized. The next week against the Bills they still couldn’t do enough to get the job done.

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Two months ago the Chiefs were the talk of the NFL and people were talking about them as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Now if they lose the next two games they will most likely be out of the playoff hunt. I can’t remember a time that I’ve ever seen this team play at two such polar opposites in the same season. There are questions on both sides of the ball without a doubt but the Chiefs have the talent to win their final four games. At this point it would be great to win 2 of the last four but this team has the ability to finish anywhere.

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