Chiefs rumors: Andy Reid deciding whether or not to punish Marcus Peters

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters /

The Kansas City Chiefs have not officially decided on what to do, if anything, with Marcus Peters after the incident on Sunday where he threw a referee’s flag.

Marcus Peters lost his cool on Sunday. It wasn’t the first time.

The Kansas City Chiefs now have a decision to make moving forward: what, if anything, will they do about Peters’ actions on Sunday that resulted in him drawing a penalty and even believing that he was ejected from the game.

During the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets, Peters found himself frustrated by a penalty called on fellow defensive back Steven Nelson. The holding call gave the Jets another chance to convert the two-point play to go up by seven and the retry gave them the results they were looking for. In his frustration, Peters grabbed the referee’s flag and threw it into the stands.

At that point, Peters ended up leaving the field and the official story being offered is that he believed that he’d been ejected from the game. However when he found out he was not, he was back on the sidelines with his teammates.

Per ESPN, Andy Reid hasn’t yet decided what to do to Peters or if even any further action other than the barrage of criticism is warranted.

"“I haven’t made any decision either way,” Reid said, per ESPN. “(But) that was the wrong thing for (Peters) to do.’"

Peters has 36 total tackles, 3 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles in 11 starts this season for the Chiefs.