Watch Alex Smith run for 70 yards like everyone expected

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 25: Center Mitch Morse
KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 25: Center Mitch Morse /

Alex Smith has always been an athletic threat to run if the opportunity presents itself, but no one expected to see the Chiefs quarterback take off for 70 yards.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ running game has been weak, to say the least, for the last several weeks as Kareem Hunt’s productivity has slowed from the early season fireworks that helped set several historic marks.

Since then, Hunt’s league-leading total has now been joined by several others, like Jacksonville’s Leonard Fournette, but the hope was that the Chiefs back could get going against the New York Jets in Week 13.

The good news is that the Chiefs just enjoyed a 70-yard run. The unexpected bit is that it wasn’t Hunt doing the running. In fact, it wasn’t Tyreek Hill. Instead it was quarterback Alex Smith who just came up with the team’s single longest rush of the regular season. Check it out below:

Kareem Hunt’s longest rush so far in 2017 was a 69-yard touchdown scamper, so Smith now has a one-yard edge as of Week 13. It’s also the longest rush of Smith’s career, whose previous longest run was 21 yards less, 49 total, back in 2015. For those who thought Smith’s ability to affect the game as a threat to run were over, even at 33-years-old, Smith continues to create headaches for defenses with his ability to extend the play or move the chains after escaping the pocket.

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Coming into the game, Smith had 47 rushes for 235 yards and 1 touchdown, averaging a solid 5 yards/carry. Add in this 70-yard run, however, and those numbers will jump significantly. Smith has already more than doubled last year’s rushing total of 134 total rushing yards