Blitz Package podcast: Looking ahead to Chiefs vs. Jets


The Kansas City Chiefs have a big game on Sunday against the New York Jets, but should it be one anyone worries about?

The Chiefs have been 2012 Chiefs level bad the last two weeks. While the term “must win” is incorrect and doesn’t fit this game at all, it is a game they desperately need to win. The Los Angeles Chargers are coming up behind the Chiefs fast in the division and with them playing the Cleveland Browns this week the Chiefs can’t afford to lose any more ground in the standings if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The defense has been solid for the last three or four games and may have found their stride. Thanks to the injury to Dee Ford, Frank Zombo has been getting the increased playing time he deserves and the Chiefs need. Reggie Ragland has become the beast in the middle we all remember Derrick Johnson being. This week, cornerback  Darrelle Revis will make his debut in red as he takes on his old team and he is a big question mark that we don’t know how good he’ll be, but at least it’s unlikely he’s worse than Phillip Gaines. Combine these positives with going up against a pedestrian Jets offense and the defense should put forth a solid effort on Sunday.

The question comes will it be enough based on the Chiefs offense. This is a week where something has to give. Either Alex Smith and the offense turn things around or the Chiefs won’t have any choice but to go with Patrick Mahomes for the rest of the season. Put forth a solid effort and look like a real NFL offense for the first time in a few weeks, then the Chiefs will win and get some of the haters off their backs. Running back Kareem Hunt should be the main focus of the offense where he can put lame comparisons to him and Spencer Ware from last season to rest.

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